Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

SHCCS Supplemental Rules

2015 Southern Hard Core Series Supplemental Rules:


*51cc Multi-Speed/Shaft Drive 4-8yrs – Limited to the following models: Honda CRF50, Yamaha PW50, Suzuki JR50 and Yamaha TTR50.   NOTE – This is different than the AMA Qualifier Rules. *51cc Beginner 4-8yrs – Limited to riders with less than 1 year riding experience (Dominating riders in this class are subject to be moved at any time).

ALL D Class Riders:

The “D” class is for beginner riders with beginner skills. It is for inexperienced riders trying to learn the basics of the sports. Riders who dominate the “D” class or who have obviously progressed beyond beginner skills will be moved up at the discretion of series officials.

If a rider has previously won a championship in any series any class (excluding Women & Girls) that rider cannot ride a D class. The D Class is a beginner class and a chance to try racing to see if you like it. It isn’t a place to plan on winning an SHCCS championship. If you start the year in the “D” class and determine you have progressed beyond beginner skills, you are encouraged to advance yourself to the appropriate class. When you get advanced, you take 50% of your points with you.

Youth D Class Riders: 

You can race a 2nd class, but if you place in the “TOP 30%” you will be out of the D Class. This Youth Rule is based on 10 rider minimum class. Example: Joey is 12 years old and rides in the 85D class. He signs up for the 85 12-13 and places 3rd out of 10 racers. Joey is no longer eligible for the “D” class.

Series Tie Breaker:

If a tie is recorded in the final point standings the tie breaker will be the best finish in the last event that either or both riders attended in that series.